Adults under age 45 are the fastest group of people seeking chiropractic care.
Many younger adults have often become dissatisfied with traditional medicine.
Many have learned of the negative effects of taking too many antibiotics and
painkillers. For them, returning to natural chiropractic techniques just makes
sense for improving health.

At Genesis Chiropractic Health Center in Eagan, Minnesota, anyone who
seeks chiropractic care will find a safe and effective treatment for a wide range
of health concerns. They have found relief from migraine headaches, carpal
tunnel syndrome, back, neck, and muscle pain, as well as fertility problems.
Working with a chiropractor can also help adults manage stress, increase their
sports performance and experience healthier pregnancies.

The Advantages of Chiropractic

Chiropractic adjustments affect the alignment of the spine, which affects the
nervous system. The nervous system has an impact on absolutely everything
in your body, from the comfort in everyday movements to involuntary functions
like breathing and digestion.

Our chiropractors locate and correct subluxations, taking away nerve
interferences and unnecessary stimulation. When subluxations are removed,
the nervous system begins to function at its highest level. Your personalized
care is more than just treatments for symptoms, but it is encouraging your
body to function at a higher degree which allows it to restore itself so you are
able to do the things that you enjoy.

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Our Eagan, Minnesota clinic is conveniently located at 4678 Slater Road in Wentworth Park, near Cedar Avenue and Cliff Road.



Traditional medicine often fails to treat the causes and symptoms of stress, but chiropractic care can have a significant effect on reducing your
anxiety and worry.


We’ve helped many adults decrease their vertigo episodes without the potential side effects that come with vertigo prescription medication.

Carpal Tunnel

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful health condition that
happens when the bones of the wrist misalign and compress the median nerve. With more people working from home, treatments through chiropractic
care are quick relief without drugs or surgery.


Because your nervous system affects absolutely everything you do, including your ability to have a baby, many couples who are unable to conceive find success in seeing a chiropractor help with fertility.


Your health is critical when your baby is developing. Seeing a
chiropractor during your pregnancy makes sure that you are functioning optimally so that your baby experiences optimum health as well.

Muscle Pains
(Back & Neck)

Misalignment of bones affects the surrounding muscle that would cause discomfort and shooting pains that is
often helped by a visit to the chiropractor.


This commonly occurs when a herniated disk, bone spur on the
spine, or narrowing of the spine (spinal stenosis) compresses part of the nerve. This causes inflammation, pain, and often some numbness in the
affected leg.


Many people do not associate nutrition and digestion with
chiropractic care, but numerous studies have shown that finding and correcting subluxations can help fix digestive problems.

Sports Enhancement

More and more active adults are seeking the aid of a
chiropractor to help them increase sports performance without the aid of
harmful or illegal stimulants.

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