Many people do not originally consider chiropractic care for children when seeking
solutions for childhood health problems. Chiropractic care has incredible benefits for
children, as starting a wellness-based lifestyle early in young children can help enable a
fruitful, healthy life. Chiropractic care is also very useful for the treatment of common
childhood conditions, such as colic and ear infections. At Genesis Chiropractic Health
Center, we are dedicated to providing thorough and professional chiropractic care that
helps your children get well and stay well.

How Chiropractors Help with Colic

Almost nothing can cause more stress for a family than a new baby with colic. Parents are often at a loss for what to do about their baby which is crying and in pain. Multiple medical studies have shown that chiropractic care helps infants with moderate to severe infantile colic. These chiropractic treatments can reduce both the daily length of the colic periods and the number of times your baby experiences colic each day.

Our chiropractic center works with families to provide treatment for infantile colic and other stomach or intestinal discomfort. Chiropractic adjustments for infants are surprisingly gentle, and we always explain to parents exactly what will happen in the treatment.

Chiropractic Care for Ear Infections

Because children’s Eustachian tubes are shaped differently than adults, they are more prone to ear infections. In fact, ear infections are the most common reason for visits to pediatricians, and the second most common reason for childhood surgery. When traditional antibiotics fail, and when surgery seems like a serious step, many parents find success in chiropractic treatments for ear infections. Chiropractic adjustments open the ear canal and allow fluids to flow freely and drain.

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Our Eagan, Minnesota clinic is conveniently located at 4678 Slater Road in Wentworth Park, near Cedar Avenue and Cliff Road.

Our Eagan, Minnesota clinic is conveniently located at 4678 Slater Road in Wentworth Park, near Cedar Avenue and Cliff Road.


Spinal Maintenance for Children

Spinal maintenance starts in childhood and continues throughout life and can ensure
better health stemming through all methods of life. Quality chiropractic treatments can
optimize your child’s development by making sure the spine is properly aligned. This
lets your child grow with a healthy spine and without the damaging effects of
misalignment and pinched nerves.

Just like most problems, misalignments are best fixed when they first form, before they
cause years of pain and hindered potential. Unfortunately, they often form a birth
trauma and go unnoticed for years. Bringing your child to the chiropractor can help
check your child's spinal health and correct misalignments early in life.

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